Alcove9 provides ITAR-Compliant Search

If your company does (or is looking to do) defense-related work, you are familiar with the complexities and potential penalties associated with non-compliance to current US regulations. International
Traffic in Arms Regulations
(ITAR) is a set of US controls that define how defense-related material must be handled and managed. Alcove9 deep search solutions can help.

The regulations themselves are complex and subject to change every year – partially fluctuating with policy and politics – posing unique challenges for design assets that were previously considered commercial and/or dual-use (used for both commercial AND military). In these cases, companies often struggle with having to back-peddle in order to find all of the information, data, drawings, etc. (i.e. the audit trail) of the part from concept to fruition.

One of the key components that shows up on any ITAR compliance checklist under Identification, Receipt and
Tracking of ITAR Controlled Items/Technical Data, is this question:

What kind of recordkeeping system does the company maintain that would allow for
control and retrieval of information on, technical data and/or defense articles
given to the company?

This is where Alcove9 fits in – in two very important ways:

      1) Alcove9 provides on-premise advanced search solutions that allow teams to easily find, view and use
      their data independent of its content, format or location. Because it has a comprehensive and diverse
      ability to find items – right down to words appearing deep within the file, title block, on a
      drawing, or in the PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), Alcove9 suite of products makes finding
      everything that is necessary for compliance a simple, 2-second search.
      2) Alcove9 maintains your current organizational security definitions and access control levels (ACL’s), so
      there is no fear of data contamination from an outside source, nor there is a need for data migration or
      data repurposing. Everything stays on your server and data stays as is.

So, while that question of finding all of your files, information and data is only one small dot point in the
compliance regulation matrix, it generally constitutes one of the largest investments in time, effort and frustration for companies trying to find what they need while maintaining compliance. Contact us today for a demo.

Sam Abu-Hamdan

About Sam Abu-Hamdan

Alcove9 President Sam Abu-Hamdan has fulfilled consultancy and leadership roles in the design and analysis field for more than 15 years, specializing in PLM and CAD/CAM where he defined processes and best practices for global manufacturing customers. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia in the area of error detection and recovery in automated manufacturing assembly cells.
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