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a9 is the on-premise search engine allowing teams to quickly access and use data independent of its file type or location.

Video Series: Introduction to a9

Part 1:
a9 Hub Overview

Part 2:
Advanced Search

Part 3:
CAD Visualization

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Alcove9 is an advanced, on-premise search engine for engineering and manufacturing enterprises of all sizes and industries. It helps users to quickly find and view parts and related product data that exist in all of the enterprise’s application systems and document files – with countless content formats.

Alcove9 uses a single point-of-access to all part data maintained in simple file structures and application systems, such as PDM, PLM, ERP and ECM. Users can search and retrieve the desired content without knowing in which applications or other repositories it resides.

Alcove9 also supports accessing content with an “intuitive” structure that organizes data into commonly understood categories. Navigation is free-flowing and dynamic allowing users to quickly find all needed data. Once found, it provides: a virtual “mash up” of the retrieved data; full visualization of various document formats, including CAD drawings; and the ability to directly return to the original application – based on its security privileges.

The Alcove9 solution, moreover, is compatible with over 100 file types. It can display the content of the file without the need to log on the authoring program. This feature gives users the ability to access and view data in all information repositories.

Solution Elements and Components
The Alcove9 Suite of Products includes three components as described on the Features page:
a9 Hub – Core Software – User Interface (UI) and search engine
a9 CADViz – CAD visualization server (Optional)
a9 AppConnect – Application connectors (Optional)

Community Solutions
Contributions by community members accepted for adding to library. Alcove9 will support the contribution by incorporating it in our best practices coding reviews, quality assurance testing and publicizing it as available to subscription customers as a free download.

Partner Solutions
Enhancements developed by partners. These solutions all contribute to continuous product development in the spirit of the Open Source Initiative.

Alcove9 products are offered on an annual subscription basis. The core software, a9 Hub, is an open source product. Support subscription pricing is based on an a-la-carte selection of only those components that you need. For more details regarding pricing structure please fill out the contact us form.


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