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Advanced search technology for Aras Innovator – get quick access to your entire network, and use of all your data, independent of its file type or location.

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a9 AppConnect provides instant access to enterprise-wide product information for Aras Innovator™, the leading open-source Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Aras users can immediately locate Part and Product data residing in unrelated repositories, applications and content formats, based on the rights and permissions established in Aras.

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White Paper

View and print the a9 appConnect for Aras Innovator White Paper detailing how Aras Innovator users can instantly find and use product data - regardless of its format, content and storage location within the organizational network

With a9 AppConnect, all properties and files maintained in Aras Innovator are fully accessible via the user-friendly Alcove9 interface. This includes the ability to view property details and leverage Alcove9’s virtual profile card (VPC) which identifies relationships and structure and enables the user to visualize documents and drawings.

Like Alcove9, Aras Innovator is based on an open source framework. The Aras Enterprise Application Framework is an advanced, model-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA) built entirely on open web standards and proven, industry-standard technology that provides a highly scalable, robust, flexible platform for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

An ideal productivity enhancement tool for large, geographically diverse environments with disparate project teams and smaller organizations and teams alike, a9 AppConnect for Aras Innovator enables companies to optimize design time improve data reuse, accelerate time-to-market and reduce new product development costs.

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