a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD

The integrated search engine for AutoCAD allowing quick access to your entire network, and use of data independent of its file type or location.

a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD

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a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD is the latest application connector in the a9 product suite for deep search. It is designed to allow AutoCAD teams in manufacturing, architectural (AEC) and mechanical engineering to find, view, retrieve and use files from within the AutoCAD, regardless of their content, format or location.

It helps users to quickly find and view parts and related product data that exist in all of the enterprise’s application systems and document files – with countless content formats. a9 uses a single point-of-access to all part data maintained in simple file structures and application systems, such as PDM, PLM, ERP and ECM. Users can search and retrieve the desired content without knowing in which applications or other repositories it resides.

Navigation is free-flowing and dynamic allowing users to quickly find all needed data. Once found, it provides: a virtual “mash up” of the retrieved data; full visualization of various document formats, including CAD drawings; and the ability to directly return to the original application – based on its security privileges.

Users leverage all of the powers of a9 Hub and CADViz to quickly search, view and retrieve files from all of their structured and unstructured databases right from their CAD session.  Day-to-day user experience is enhanced while product development efforts are improved.

Key capabilities include:

  • Full-Text Search – Finding drawings based on their content, regardless of their application or folder location.
  • Identifying reference file relationships (X-Ref) without having to open up drawings (both in children and where used)
  • Click & search capability, allowing users to select a file, and search for all other documents, drawings and/or parts containing that file name.

a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD is powered by a9 Hub – the core, open source deep search solution.  Alcove9 has designed its solutions for secure, “no-disruption” implementation and quick start-up for end users along with low-cost subscription and support options.


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