a9 Hub

a9 Hub is the cornerstone of Alcove9 search engine technology, with a browser-based interface allowing teams to quickly access and use data independent of its file type or location.

a9 Hub is the foundation of the Alcove9 product lineup.  The a9 Hub is the workhorse software that finds, sorts, categorizes, displays and provides direct access to all data and file types throughout organizational repositories, including PLM, ECM, BOM, and ERP systems in an easy-to-use, flexible and secure interface.  It allows you to find vital, lost or legacy data and information, then reuse it as-is to avoid duplication. > See Video

Find WHAT you need, WHEN you need it

with the power of the 2-Second Search Engine.

Video: a9 Hub Overview

The a9 Hub gives you:

  • Security that you’re looking for in a search engine because it maintains the same groups, roles, and access control lists (ACL) that are built into your native applications.  In this way, data security is retained while giving users search capability across multiple data silos.
  • Easy search results without even knowing the source or the format of the original documentation.
    • Retrieved data is presented as a composite collection using standard or custom Part nomenclature and attributes.
    • The significance is that users can search, find and retrieve data in a consistent manner without detailed knowledge of the source or format.
  • The power of the open source Apache Solr enterprise search platform. Solr provides full-text search, highlighting, facets and other features that allow Alcove9 to quickly return all relevant data.
  • A single point-of-access to all enterprise data contained in multiple Product- and Part-oriented applications and repositories, including PDM/PLM, ERP, ECM, MES, RM and simple file structures.