Limited IT Budgets

With several department budgets being slashed and demands for higher profitability going up, everyone nowadays is trying to do more with less. In addition, competition across the globe is becoming very fierce driving corporation to be more efficient with their capital expenditures.

Alcove9 products require no client software installation, no data migration and most often far less than 1-day to implement, thus enabling corporations to realize ROI very quickly. They empower any user across an organization with the ability to find, access, view and work with designs and drawings stored in virtually any source, all at once. Whether the data source is unstructured or structured with CAD or PLM, there is no need for native licenses to view and work with content. Workflow is enhanced and productivity is boosted. Organizations can see savings reflected on the bottom line within months, or even days.

Alcove9 provides Unified Information Access solutions for organizations seeking to improve data management on limited budgetary resources

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