Regulatory Compliance

If your organization is looking to extend design assets to commercial as well as defense industries, federal regulations pose a risk, specifically with regard to record-keeping. The regulations themselves are complex and subject to change every year – partially fluctuating with policy and politics – posing unique challenges for design assets that were previously considered commercial and/or dual-use (used for both commercial AND military). In such cases, companies often struggle with having to back-peddle in order to find all of the information, data, drawings, etc., i.e. the audit trail of the part from concept to fruition. Without a significant investment of time and resources, organizations can fall short from being complaint.

Medical and pharmaceutical companies have their challenges also where the FDA requires them to make certain information accessible within certain time limits. This requirements can cause serious problems if not implemented.

Alcove9 products keep your organization within ITAR and FDA Compliance by providing on-premise advanced search solutions that allow teams to easily find, view and use their data independent of its content, format or location. Because it has a comprehensive and diverse ability to find items – right down to words appearing deep within the file, title block, on
a drawing, or in the PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), Alcove9 suite of products makes everything that is necessary for compliance a simple matter of a 2-second search.

It also maintains your current organizational security definitions and access control lists (ACLs), so there is no fear of data contamination from an outside source, nor there is a need for data migration or data re-purposing. Everything stays on your servers in line with your internal security policies for access and retrieval.

Alcove9 provides compliant search solutions for organizations seeking to work in industries where strict regulatory compliance is imperative, such as defense.

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