33 Minute Webinar: Search Better in Your PLM

Search Better in Your PLM

Key Presenter:
Sam Abu-Hamdan, Alcove9

Date & Time
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
2:00 PM EDT

33 Minutes


Learn how to quickly and easily search throughout your entire enterprise without leaving your PLM session.

Join this quick webcast to learn:

  • Unified access to multiple repositories including shared drives, databases, or any storage source you would otherwise login to access separately
  • Search across multiple formats and file types with a9 Global Search to include Items, Parts, and Document types
  • Fast results from deep within content with full-text search to go beyond naming conventions, file attributes, and meta data
  • Search everything securely right from within your session – gain access only to what your permissions allow
  • Customizable refinements to search or filter based on your unique data characteristics


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