See the Benefits of Broader, Deeper Aras Innovator Search

Live Webcast – Tuesday, March 12, 2013 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Learn how companies just like yours are saving hours every week by extending their PLM search to find and use their data regardless of object type, location, or file format without ever leaving their Aras Innovator session. We will review easy ways to maximize the reach of your existing data management solution by taking advantage of Alcove9 products. Featuring panelists Sam Abu-Hamdan, President of Alcove9, and Marc Lind, Vice President of ARAS Corporation.

Discover how Alcove9 products help:

  • Expand your search to include full-text search within your own Aras Innovator PLM system.
  • Search beyond attributes, file metadata, or object types.
  • Create Unified Information Access (UIA) to multiple repositories including shared drives or databases outside the Aras Innovator database.
  • Search across multiple formats and file types.
  • View, analyze, dimension and markup more than 15 CAD formats from within your Aras Innovator environment.

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