Alcove9 Search Solutions Rescue Discontinued Google Mini Users

Oxford, MI – August 2, 2012: With more extensive capabilities and faster results, Alcove9’s search solutions for enterprise are sure to impress users abandoned by the discontinuation of the Google Mini.

“Google’s withdrawal from this market is not surprising. Although they pioneered the ‘out of the box’ search appliance, the Google Mini still didn’t solve structured data access, which even small businesses have nowadays,” said Sam Abu-Hamdan, President of Alcove9. “Over the last 8 years, the open source technology behind Alcove9 has been evolving and opened the doors for a wider connectivity and access, while the Google Mini remained entirely focused on unstructured data sources.”

Using a single point of access for exclusive use in enterprise search, Alcove9’s open source product suite offers lightning fast speed, security, and ease of integration that users of the discontinued Google Mini will appreciate.

Both the browser-based and embedded versions of the a9 Hub, Alcove9’s base module, have been designed to index and optimize search by going beyond naming conventions, metadata, and file attributes. This optimization allows the a9 Hub to return search queries in 2 seconds.

Alcove9 search solutions are developed to work seamlessly with existing enterprise systems. The intuitive interface eliminates the need for data migration or client installation and is ensured by a full team of technical professionals, the same experts who design and develop Alcove9’s on-premise software.

With subscription prices designed to fit most budgets, Alcove9 offers a great replacement for the Google Mini and a wise choice for anyone looking to enhance their enterprise search.

About Alcove9

The Alcove9 suite of solutions provides on-premise advanced search solutions for teams to resolve the daily challenges of data accessibility. Since its initial release in the mid-2000s, it has helped more than 100 companies and 120,000 users quickly and easily find, view and use their data for timely decision-making and data reuse. Search results include information from deep within each file, independent of its content, format or location. No data migration or client-side installation is required, negating costly implementations and disruptive deployments. For more information, visit

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