Manufacturing Software Expert Joins the Alcove9 Advisory Board

OXFORD, MI – August 16th, 2012: Alcove9, an integrative software development firm, announced a significant milestone in the growth of its Advisory Board with the addition of Dave Opsahl.

Mr. Opsahl, Newest Member of the Alcove9 Advisory Board

“Since its inception, the Alcove9 Advisory Board has sought a group of refined professionals with a compelling background in their particular fields,” said Alcove9 President, Sam Abu-Hamdan. “Mr. Opsahl is renowned in the manufacturing software industry and I am delighted to express the utmost gratitude toward him for joining our initiative.”

A veteran of the manufacturing software industry, Mr. Opsahl began his career working for companies such as Boeing and Bechtel in their engineering software organizations. He then moved on to more focused software companies, like Computervision Corporation (now part of PTC) and Technomatrix, which is now part of Siemens PLM. He has since worked with a number of software startups in the manufacturing software market, and most recently was the CEO of Actify, Inc. where he led the company to record levels of sales and profitability. Presently, Mr. Opsahl runs his own consulting firm that specializes in marketing and business development projects for manufacturing software companies. He is also the Executive Director of the 3DPDF Consortium, an international trade group he founded along with several other industry leaders.

Mr. Opsahl will contribute to the Alcove9 Advisory Board with advice on several aspects contributing to its success, including indicators to asses and monitor the overall development and achievements of Alcove9, as well as consultation from his comprehensive knowledge and experience in his field.

About Alcove9

The Alcove9 suite of solutions provides on-premise advanced search solutions for engineering and manufacturing teams to resolve the daily challenges of product data accessibility. Since its initial release in the mid-2000s, it has helped more than 100 companies and 120,000 users quickly and easily find, view, and  use their data for timely decision-making and data reuse. Search engine-like, browser-based and application-embedded interfaces enable users to search beyond naming conventions, metadata, and file attributes. Search results include information from deep within each file, independent of its content, format, or location. No data migration or client-side installation is required, negating costly implementations and disruptive deployments. For more information, visit

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