Alcove9 announces the release of its 2-second intranet search engine for AutoCAD

The a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD

December 13, 2011

Alcove9 announces the release of its 2-second intranet search engine for AutoCAD

Alcove9, a Michigan and California-based LLC is pleased to announce its latest application connector for intranet search, the a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD.  During our recent exhibition at the Autodesk University (AU) event in Las Vegas, we introduced the public to our latest product.  It is now available for demonstration and/or subscription.

AutoCAD users can take advantage of Alcove9 software

that is now completely INTEGRATED within AutoCAD.

This capability allows users to quickly search all of their structured and unstructured databases right from their CAD session.  This enhances the user experience while improving product development efforts.

Significant capabilities include:

  • Full-Text Search – Finding drawings based on their content, regardless of their application or folder location.
  • Identifying reference file relationships (X-Ref) without having to open up drawings (both in children and where used)
  • Click & search capability, allowing users to select a file, and search for all other documents, drawings and/or parts containing that file name.

What’s more, Alcove9 is based on an open source platform.  This means that Alcove9 is able to deliver low-cost subscription and support options to its clients.

For more information or a private demonstration, contact us at or +1 248.287.1444.

About  ALCOVE9

Alcove9 LLC offers advanced intrAnet search solutions on an open-source platform for all industry sectors. Alcove9 LLC has significant experience in CAD/CAM, PLM, ERP and ECM systems.

The current iteration of Alcove9 provides a simple solution that helps individuals and companies to decrease the daily challenges and frustrations of accessing, viewing and categorizing product data that may exist in multiple and disparate repositories, applications or content formats.

Alcove9 provides browser-based access along with powerful discovery and analysis tools. Alcove9  has mature functionality and features that deliver a highly scalable, flexible and secure search solution that allows companies to reduce license fees, improve design reuse and increase productivity.

To learn more about Alcove9, visit us at .

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2 Responses to Alcove9 announces the release of its 2-second intranet search engine for AutoCAD

  1. Marty says:

    Sounds like a great solution. How do you handle title block and especially XREF?

    • Sam Abu-Hamdan says:

      The a9 AppConnect for AutoCAD indexes all text found in title block fields as well as XREFs allowing users to find any drawing by simply typing a few keywords matching content found within indexed information. For more information check out this link

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