Alcove9 LLC, a leading intranet search software provider, today announced its membership in Automation Alley.

Oxford, Michigan and Orange, California – December 22, 2011 – Alcove9 LLC, a leading intranet search software provider, today announced its membership in Automation Alley.  “We look forward to meeting like-minded entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers,” says Alcove9 President, Sam Abu-Hamdan.   “We’re confident that Alcove9 can make a valuable contribution to Automation Alley’s Vision statement of “…making Michigan globally acknowledged as the leading technology and innovation region in the United States…””

To that end, Alcove9 provides a product that allows companies to reduce the frustrations of sifting through masses of information by providing a simple, intranet search engine that can rapidly and easily find and access their content. The A9 advanced search capabilities provide users a single, unified access to all structured and unstructured data throughout the enterprise, regardless of its format, content or location. In addition, Alcove9 can access the unstructured content of file systems and folders that are often rich sources of data needed for timely decision-making.

Being that Michigan is so heavily steeped in manufacturing and engineering, this makes Alcove9 a natural fit with industry in this State.  Its primary focus is on the integration of commonly used engineering/manufacturing tools like CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, ERP, ECM, MRO and MES.

Furthermore, for those companies on a Lean/Six-Sigma journey, the a9 Suite of Products further aids in increasing employee efficiency and effectiveness by providing them the means to work on value-added projects instead of wasting time in searching for what they need or have already created.

For more information about Alcove9 visit us at or phone us for a personal discussion of your needs at (248) 287-1444.  We also invite you to get started with a free “test drive” or free download, or to view a short overview video.


About Alcove9

Alcove9 LLC offers advanced intrAnet search solutions on an open-source platform for all industry sectors. Alcove9 LLC has significant experience in CAD/CAM, PLM, ERP and ECM systems.

The current iteration of Alcove9 provides a simple solution that helps individuals and companies to decrease the daily challenges and frustrations of accessing, viewing and categorizing product data that may exist in multiple and disparate repositories, applications or content formats.

Alcove9 provides browser-based access along with powerful discovery and analysis tools. Alcove9  has mature functionality and features that deliver a highly scalable, flexible and secure search solution that allows companies to reduce license fees, improve design reuse and increase productivity.

To learn more about Alcove9, visit us at

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